Digital Rights Management

Protect your files from illegal copying and piracy. Spend less time setting up your store and more time selling your eBooks. DRM-LOCK allows you to protect your digital content without sacrificing customer satisfaction.


  • Tied to customer

    Keep the eBook tied to the account of the person who purchased it.

  • Content server

    Manage master files and deliver protected eBooks to your customers.

  • Web Reader

    Allow your customers to optionally read the eBooks online.

How It Works

DRM-LOCK works as a content server that delivers protected eBook files.

  • Info You send us purchase info.
  • File We create protected files.
  • Deliver You deliver files to your customers.
  • ID We identify every delivered file.
  • Trace We constantly trace illegal copies.

DRM-LOCK provides protection solutions for ePub and Mobi files. It combines industry-leading imperceptible watermarking technology that is added to individual files in real time and visible social warnings that includes purchase and customer information. Trace when and where your content is available online by using automated web crawling, managed search services, and copyright enforcement tools.

The publishing industry has firmly embraced this technology to protect and secure eBook content.
Many of the leading online bookstores have been distributing books in this fashion for over five years.

Get Started

DRM-LOCK is inherently designed to address the global demand that we see being driven
by authors, editors publishers and readers.

Our cloud-based platform offers easy-to-integrate API and SDK support.